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Dick Smith DICKHEADS 5's

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In the Dick Smith Dickheads 5's pack are 5 seedsticks for growing Lemon scented tea trees. Choose a suitable container with drainage holes. Fill with seed raising compost and firm down gently. Water generously with fine spray and leave for a few minutes to allow the water to soak in. Break off each seedstick carefully and push point first into compost up to the printed depth line. When seedlings emerge leave the stick in position and allow the strongest plant to grow on.

We would have to be complete Dickheads to let most of our famous Australian brands be taken over by foreign companies. Brands such as Vegemite, Aeroplane Jelly, Arnotts, Fosters and Redhead Matches are in overseas hands. This means the profit and wealth created goes overseas and robs our children and grandchildren of a future.


A protest from Dick Smith Foods

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    I just saw Dick Smith Dickheads on the website! Great idea, I'm going to be buying a few of these as presents!

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