Dick Smith DVD - Population Puzzle

Dick Smith Population Puzzle DVD
Dick Smith Population Puzzle DVD

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Dick Smith DVD - Population Puzzle

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In this DVD Dick Smith poses the question "What's so good about a Big Australia". Like many Australians, Dick Smith hadn't thought much about how our rising population might be affecting the nation. He hadn't joined the dots connecting our record levels of population growth and increased congestion, property prices and hospital queues. He just accepted the mantra that a Big Australia was a Good Australia. But a fateful phone call from Dick's daughter, Jenny, changed everything.

Jenny asked her father why nobody was talking about population in the lead up to the UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen. After all, she queried, wasn't it people who created carbon emissions? Population was the elephant in the room that no one was discussing. And it set Dick off on a six-month journey of discovery to explore how rising population was changing Australia and the world. The answers, as revealed in the film, came as a shock.

Rated: G Feature running time: 67 mins



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Dick Smith tells you how to win the $1 Million Wilberforce Award. Plus over 20 minutes of extended interviews.


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